Rhinoplasty with surgical guides

SmartBeautyGroup team with the use of novel medical and engineering technology, provides three-dimensional scan and surgical guides in order to facilitate rhinoplasty and reduce patients’ dissatisfaction after surgery.

First step

Patient's face will be scanned by highly advanced 3D scanner.

surgicalguides step2

Second Step

After scanning, the applicant meets the doctor and designers who design the ideal face. The applicant can safely monitor and apply desirable changes to achieve the desired outcome and see his/her after surgery nose in 3D.

surgicalguides step3

Third Step

Our expert engineers will analyze the face based on the golden face ratio.

surgicalguides step4

Fourth Step

In this stage the surgical guide which is unique to every patient will be produced by 3D printer.

surgicalguides step5

Fifth Step

Prior to surgery the surgical guides and related analysis will be examined by surgeon to ensure all is in order.

surgicalguides step6

Sixth Step

Surgery will begin and in each part of the surgery the surgeon examines the nose shape with surgical guides to ensure the patient will have his/her ideal nose shape and the surgery will end only when the nose match with surgical guides completely.

surgicalguides step7

surgicalguides before after


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Our Services

  • Design and Produce Surgical Guides
  • Face 3D Design based on Golden Face Ratios
  • 3D Design for Gel and Botox Injection
  • 3D Design for Hair Transplantation
  • Make Maxillofacial Prostheses

Why People Choose SmartBeautyGroup?

First cosmetic surgery consulting center in the world with more than 35 experienced experts, 8 engineers and 8 professional plastic surgeon and (E.N.T.) specialists are doing different kinds of cosmetic surgeries by mean of most advanced and modern technologies. In this center your face will be designed in 3D and you could consult with 8 professional surgeons of this center and each surgeon by its own technic will design your after surgery face so you will make best decision before your surgery . Also for more accuracy in operation to be ensure that surgeon remember what he promised to you we use surgical guides and statues which are designed base on your ideal face shape during the surgery to check the differences between surgical guides and your nose to achieve contemplated shape and help him to control surgery procedure. All purpose of this center is to provide good services to help you to decide better in one of the most crucial decisions of your life

Sample of Performed Surgeries

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty? In which age?

In the primary consulting session with a psychologist, your readiness will be examined. Any respiratory problems and injuries in the nose will be examined. At the consulting session with the related surgeon, according to your medical records, the surgeon will design your nose shape based on the medical standards and your needs. From science and medical point of view, rhinoplasty can be done at any time the complete growth of the nose which is mostly after the age of 16 in girls and after 17 in boys. In order to be sure about the complete growth of the nose, applicants should undergo a specific laboratory test. In some rare cases, it might be necessary that rhinoplasty being done before nose’s complete growth based on the doctor’s discretion.

What is the point of rhinoplasty?

Mostly, rhinoplasty is being done for two reasons; reparation of respiratory problems or nose deviation and facial aesthetic. If rhinoplasty is being done for reparation of respiratory problems, the related surgeon will only repair the nose’s internal problems and will not change the nose appearance. However, when rhinoplasty is for the means of beauty, internal and external changes will be done on the applicant’s nose. It should be noted that in certain cases after a long time, some people tend to modify the form of their nose and have secondary rhinoplasty.

How can we ensure that the chosen surgeon realize our wishes to achieve the ideal form of the nose?

In every cosmetic surgery, there is a possibility that you do not achieve what you want, but with the use of our services, you can clearly explain your needs, and apply your desired changes on your 3d face model. Even if you do not know what you exactly want, you can realize that by the help of the doctor considering the golden face ratios. In some cases, applicants prefer to bring a photo of their desired nose and show that to their doctor. This might give the doctor a general view of your needs, but it should be noted that each nose model is not suitable for every face and the final shape of the applicant’s nose should be designed based on the applicant’s facial features. All these things will be discussed in the consulting session. Based on the final nose 3d model and engineering analysis, surgical guides will be produced and after sterilization will be used during surgery to achieve the best result.

What will happen after rhinoplasty?

For eliminating nose’s limited bleeding and other possible problems, a tampon will be placed in your nose for 2-3 days after surgery. Also, for 7-10 days a plaster will be placed on your nose to keep its form unchanged. After removal of the plaster, based on the surgeon’s discretion, it may be necessary to use adhesive tape on your nose. How to use adhesive tape and nose massage will be taught to you if necessary.

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