Get to know us

Smart Beauty was founded by Soroush Valinia, who has started his research about using engineering and digital technology in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries since 2014. At Smart Beauty, we believe there is a better and more accurate way to perform cosmetic procedures. We are obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help beauty centers achieve it.

We are a team of 60, well-educated engineers, talented designers, data analysts, and experienced cosmetic surgeons, capable of successfully design and deliver highly individualized/customized results to fulfill our clients' cosmetic goals.

Meet Our Leadership


Soroush Valinia

Founder & CEO


Holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and has a background in teaching CAD/CAM courses at Tehran University and performing several projects in the field of simulating aircraft and locomotive maintenance processes. He has then turned to the medical and aesthetic field, and after years of research has succeeded in patenting several inventions in this field.


Mahdi Porkerman

R&D Manager


Experienced software engineer with a passion for developing innovative programs that expedite the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational success. Well-versed in technology and writing code to create systems that are reliable and user-friendly.


Our Future Projects

The research and development team of Smart Beauty continues his research on the use of 3D scanning technology and designing guides and stencils in other cosmetic procedures.

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