Our technology decrease

the dependency of cosmetic

procedures results on beauty

professional’s skill

and also

applicants’ dissatisfaction

with final results.

Rhinoplasty using surgical guides

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Face volume control system for filler injection

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Eyebrow microblading using 3D scanning and eyebrow stencils

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Reduction mammoplasty using printed stencils

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Smart Beauty, the beauty salon software

Discover our technology

For more than 5 years, we've provided innovative solutions for human errors in cosmetic procedures.

Our solutions have been welcomed in the Middle East, and thousands of plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments are performed using our technology.

We Have Developed Advanced 3D Scanners And A Sophisticated Platform To Simulate Cosmetic Procedure Results.

3D Measurements Are Used To Produce Applicants’ Specific Guides And Stencils By 3D Printers.



We are one of the leader companies in the world who specifically works on the use of 3D technology in cosmetic procedures. Our technology provides a platform for applicants to see the result of their selected cosmetic procedure before actually going through it.

Our designed guides and stencils help the beauty professional (surgeons, beauticians, etc.) have an exact index to apply desired changes.