Eyebrow design software pre microblading using artificial intelligence

Using eyebrow design software can be very effective in acquiring the desired results from microblading. We are currently working on upgrading our software to make able applicants try different eyebrows on the face in real-time instead of the face 3D model using sophisticated image processing and artificial intelligence.

Eyebrow microblading using 3D scanning and eyebrow stencils steps

3D scanning and preparing the applicant's 3D model in the software.
Consultation with the beauty professional, and apply different eyebrow models based on the applicant's desires and professional opinions.
Agreement between the applicant and beauty professional, and confirmation of designed eyebrow.
                   Producing an eyebrow stencil.                  
Printing the pre-designed pattern on the applicant’s face before performing microblading using the digital camera and artificial intelligence to eliminate the possibility of error.
Tattooing the printed areas on the applicant’s face.
Before After Photos


In this method, the applicant can see different eyebrow models on her face and choose the best model, density, and color. Also, in this method, two eyebrows would be symmetrical, and the possibility of error is eliminated. By using this method, it is not necessary that the operator has high skill and experience in microblading, and everyone can do this procedure with limited training.