Eyebrow microblading using 3D scanning and eyebrow stencils

Smart Beauty team, for the first time in the world, succeeded in carrying out the project of microblading using eyebrow stencils. In this process, after 3D scanning, the applicant’s 3D face model is made in the software. Next, different types of eyebrows are shown on the 3D face model so that the applicant can choose the pattern, model, and density of the eyebrow before microblading.

Then, to ensure the accuracy of the microblading, a pair of dedicated 0.01mm precision stencils are made individually by 3D printers based on the applicant’s eyebrow design. These stencils are like prominent stamps that are applied to the applicant's face after being coated with medical ink and print out the design to be executed on the applicant's face. Therefore, the beauty professional can easily tattoo the printed lines. It should be mentioned that to increase the accuracy of microblading, a camera and software with the ability to use artificial intelligence are exploited to ensure that stencils are put in the right place.

Eyebrow microblading using 3D scanning and eyebrow stencils steps

3D scanning and preparing the applicant's 3D model in the software.
Consultation with the beauty professional, and apply different eyebrow models based on the applicant's desires and professional opinions.
Agreement between the applicant and beauty professional, and confirmation of designed eyebrow.
                   Producing an eyebrow stencil.                  
Printing the pre-designed pattern on the applicant’s face before performing microblading using the digital camera and artificial intelligence to eliminate the possibility of error.
Tattooing the printed areas on the applicant’s face.
Sample images taken


In this method, the applicant can see different eyebrow models on her face and choose the best model, density, and color. Also, in this method, two eyebrows would be symmetrical, and the possibility of error is eliminated. By using this method, it is not necessary that the operator has high skill and experience in microblading, and everyone can do this procedure with limited training.