Face volume control system for filler injection

Smart Beauty team, for the first time in the world, performs filler injection, and increases face volume using 3D scanning and injection guides.

Face volume control system for filler injection steps

3D scanning and preparing the applicant's 3D model in the software.
Consultation with the beauty professional, and apply changes based on the applicant's desires and professional's opinions.
Agreement between the applicant and beauty professional, and confirmation of designed face. In some cases, an agreement is not reached at this stage, and the unnecessary and wrong procedure is prevented.
Providing exact analysis of the face changes by comparing the primary and secondary face 3D designs; these analyses are hanged on the board for the beauty professional to check during the injection.
Construction of injection guides by 3D printers based on the secondary face design; these guides are used during the injection to examine the accuracy of the changes made in different parts of the face.


In this method, the beauty professional puts the injection guide on the applicant's face and continues the filler injection until the applicant's face complies with it.